Every successful endeavor starts at square one. From interactive experiences to marketing and branding to content distribution, Upper Notch can help you create a winning plan for presenting your company, product, service, or project to the world.


Make the right first—and lasting—impression on your audience with a cohesive and effective branding strategy. Upper Notch can help you define the essence of your company and bring it to life through an optimized combination of identity, design, and messaging.

Visual Design

Breathe life into your project with sophisticated, powerful design. Upper Notch approaches every design project using the fundamentals of graphic design and pushes the creative envelope from there. Our approach to print, digital, and web design focuses on typography, the thoughtful use of color, unique imagery, and visual balance.


Captivate your target audience with concise, compelling copy. At Upper Notch, we believe that writing should never be an afterthought. We develop original copy for taglines and slogans, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral, websites, digital marketing initiatives, and more, ensuring seamless integration with any ongoing design efforts. Make your words work for you, in every way possible.

UX Design

Optimize your audience’s experience from the outset with intelligent user experience design. Upper Notch can architect the structure of your digital project, giving careful consideration to how the various components work together to ensure an effective and efficient project lifecycle. Deliverables include information architecture, wireframes, and clickable prototypes.


Get direction and valuable insights on your company’s initiatives, at any stage of your project. The Upper Notch team is available to help with ideation, digital planning, redesigns, quality assurance, and editing existing content, among other consulting needs.