The historic Booth Felt Co. Inc. has been producing high-quality felt goods since 1905—its reputation is well known by those who rely on its diverse products to power their machines, vehicles, innovations, and creative endeavors. But its parent company, Spectex LLC, saw an opportunity to broaden its customer base (and simplify back-end operations) by bringing Booth Felt online. Upper Notch, along with our development partner Creative Logic, designed a fresh, playful website—with original copywriting—to introduce Booth Felt’s hundreds of felt rolls, dots, strips, and more to the world. Though the goal was to create an intuitive, straightforward e-commerce site, the work behind the scenes was a little more complex, determining the best ways to help new users discover the products they need and streamlining the shipping process. Next up: Expanding Booth Felt’s user base through a blend of content marketing, advertising, and social media.